Property Painting

Flawless interior and exterior paintwork is a tell-tale marker of a quality property. Is your paintwork up to standard?



From exterior paint to interior paint, plus long-term maintenance programmes - we've got your property covered from top to bottom.

Whether you’re an owner-occupier, or you’re planning to rent the place out, high-quality paintwork lifts the value of any property. At Central Plateau Home Solutions, our professional team offers eco-friendly high-quality paint solutions all year round. You can even get the most out of every paint job with our long-term maintenance programme.

Paint Removal

We’ll safely remove any outdated paint from your property to ensure the best foundation for your new paint job. 

Paint Application

Whether you require interior, or exterior paintwork, our team will apply high-quality paint quickly without compromising on the finer details. 

Paint Maintenance Programmes

We’ll back the quality of our workmanship for the long haul with our paint maintenance programme, ensuring you get the most out of any paint job from us.